Der Fluß, der für die Bildung unsere Lagoune verantwortlich ist, hat sich in den letzten 3 Wochen einen neuen Weg gebahnt und uns dadurch einiges an Strandfläche vor der Haustüre weg gerissen. Da...
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Welcome to Brazil
Welcome to Brazil!

Brazil is a land of sun, beach and a lot of wind. Brazil means also adventure, culture, music and caipirinhas. In one word a paradies.

Barra Nova is a small and quiet fisherman village in the northeast of brazil. The village lies next to a rivermouth and a huge beach.The sea and the river create nice lagoons which are perfect for kiteboarding. Right now the lagoon is around 100x400m big. 

Our pousada is directly on the beach. Only 0-50m to the lagoon and 200m to the sea.

If you want to escape your daily life, this spot is the right choice.

We hope to see you soon in Barra Nova!