Barra Nova – where Brazil is still Brazil

Barra Nova is a small village located 70 km south of Fortaleza in the state of Céara.

The small, traditional fishing village is next to a river and a picturesque, endless sandy beach.

This is where you can experience simple Brazilian life.

Great accessability

Barra Nova is located 70 km south of Fortaleza. Cascavel, the next bigger city is accessible via bus.

The locals

Barra Nova is an extremely safe little fishing village, the locals are super friendly

Bom dia!

Which means “Good day” in Portuguese, a couple Portuguese phrases go a long way with the locals. Another great gesture is the “Thumbs up” this can be used quite a lot in everyday communication, it will always get a thumbs up in return and a big smile.

Small shops

Some small shops in the village offer food, drinks and some basic things for everyday needs

Take a walk through Barra Nova …… 

… you will pass by some very small shops. The inhabitants of the village are sitting outside of their houses relaxing in the shade playing games and spending quality family time. Dogs and cats stray through the streets. You might also see some free-running donkeys or cows.

Barra Nova

This is Barra Nova, a small fishing village with a handful of inhabitants. People living here are earning their livings with tourism and traditional fishing. Tourism highlights are the carnival in February and new years’ eve. On the weekends local Brazilian tourists arrive at the lagoon to enjoy the beautiful landscapes, take a dip in the pools and drink some cold beers. Life here is simple, relaxed and very easy going.

There are some small shops to be found in Barra Nova, which offer food and basic things for everyday needs. Some restaurants and barracas offer local Brazilian dishes. People in Barra Nova spend their evenings on the market place drinking a beers or caipirinha. If your walk through the village you might meet donkeys, cows and dogs. Life in Brazil, especially in the rural area of Barra Nova is quite slow and relaxed. Explore the village and greet the inhabitants with a simple “thumb ups”, they will for sure greet you back.


Cascavel is the nearest city, around 12 km away from Barra Nova. The city offers supermarkets, a pharmacy and banks with ATM machines. The weekly market in Cascavel is an adventurous and exciting experience, hang out with the locals and experience the local culture.

There is a bus connection between Barra Nova and Cascavel they are inexpensive and travel on an hourly basis. You can purchase a whole host of items at the market local food, amazing fresh fruit, mementos from your trip in Brazil such as Brazilian hand made hammocks –  you can buy almost anything at this market, of course you could also just sink a cold one and watch the locals go about their business and get really immersed in local life.

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How to get here:

Travelling from Europe is relatively easy via Fortaleza. On request we will organise a transfer from the airport Pinto Martins.
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