Learn kitesurfing in Brasil today

Ideal conditions are waiting for you in our kitesurfing beginner course: shallow flat water, constant wind and a lot of space.

We rent all kite surfing material from top brands, all of our equipment is from this season.


We offer a great variety of kitesurfing material from Liquid Force, North and Brunotti.

All inclusive

All kite services included: storage, compressor, sweet water shower

Your individual course

No matter if you just want to try it out, you want to perfect your jumping techniques or if you want to learn a special trick…

Ooooh no!

If something should break we offer a simple emergency repair service. We can fix small repairs directly at the pousada.

Unforgettable memories from your kite holidays

Your first time riding the board on the water, your first jump, your first perfectly landed bankroll, your long term target Railey to blind … those are the moments you will never forget.

Kiteschool and kite courses

Escape is not only an amazing pousada but also Barra Novas original kite school.  Whether you are a complete beginner, you need a refresher course or you want to progress you kitesurfing to aerial or unhooked tricks we can give you the kite surf course you need.  We have a team of professional qualified instructors with years of experience.

The lagoons of Barra Nova offers ideal conditions for beginners, who want to learn kitesurfing. You can stand in the flat water comfortably and there are many spots where there is plenty of space to kite downwind for your first attempts at riding, and then have the ability to walk back up wind in the shallow water.

Our services at one glance:

  • Teaching material from 2017 Liquid Force and North.
  • Your kitesurfing teacher will adapt the level of your course individually to your skills.
  • Kite boards from North and Brunotti
  • No pumping your kite at our pousada, the compressor is directly located at the starting zone : )
  • Free Safe Storage for your equipment (for pousada customers)
  • Outside Fresh water shower under a lovely palmtree
  • Spare parts and repair service available for minor repairs
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Don't panic, we get you on the board savely!

For all newbies, bodydraggers and powerdivers: Check your kitesurfing course today at Kiteschool Escape!
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