Kitesurfing in the lagoon of Barra Nova

Your playground in Barra Nova is a 800 by 200 metres lagoon, seperated from the open sea by a sandbank.

The wind direction is (Side-)Onshore and therefore the lagoon offers various perfect flat water spots.

The water is shallow and there are no stones, reefs or sharp shells in the lagoon, just soft sand.

The lagoon

is about 800 metres long and 200 metres wide with flat and shallow water.


is the average water temperature. Leave your wetsuit at home.

All levels

from beginner up to professionals, everyone can progress their skills here.

Find flat water

Whatever the tide you will always find a flat water spot at Barra Nova


Good and constant wind conditions with 15 to 28 knots average.

Kitesurfing in Barra Nova is fun for everyone – from beginner to pro

No matter if you just started kitesurfing and you are practicing the waterstart, or if you wanna perfect your unhooked wakestyle trick. Barra Nova offers ideal conditions for your training goals.

There’s space for everyone

“Barra Nova” means “new lagoon” which it literally is. There is fresh water entering the lagoon from two sides – from the open sea and from a freshwater river on the other side of the lagoon. That way the water stays fresh and clean.

As the tide naturally changes the lagoon each month you will be able to discover different sandbanks and supernice surfing spots for all levels.

Re-Discover your favourite spot each holiday.

Depending on the tide the water in the lagoon varies from very shallow to high. Most of the time it is possible to stand in the lagoon. Low tide is no excuse for not having a great kitesurfing session on flat water. When the tide is low, several pools evolve behind the sand bank with great flat water conditions.

And to be honest: rocking the waves of the open sea is awesome too sometimes. This is all just a couple of line lengths away from the pousada.

Yes, I want to kite

To all newbies, bodydraggers and supermen: Don't panic!

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