Good kitesurfing conditions in Barra Nova – statistically

The wind conditions in Barra Nova are ideal for kitesurfing, mainly starting with beaufort wind scale 5.

From July ’till February there are reliable conditions with 15 to 35 knots.

The wind almost always comes onshore (sideways) and is therefore quite consistent.

(Side) onshore

is the predominant wind direction

18-28 Knots

Avg. wind speed

7 to 14 sqm

Optimum Kite range


are the best months

15-35 knots. Constant.
Almost every day.

For a lot of kitesurfers, those are the perfect wind conditions. You’ve got pressure in your kite to try new tricks and perfect old tricks. This is the wind where you do loops or go unhooked for the first time. That kind of wind where you want to learn some tricks with the skimboard. The perfect chill-out-conditions for cruising the whole day. We love it!

Ideal wind conditions

There is no wind guarantee nowhere. But the best wind guarantee is from July ’till December with constant wind conditions between 15 and 35 knots. With a wind yield of up to 90% days with wind speeds of beaufort wind scale 5.

The long term experience shows, that sometimes the wind yield is even better before and after the high season. In January wind conditions are often better than in the usual peak months of October and November.

So, why not spend your kitesurfing holidays off the usual season months, where Brazilian kitespots are crowded anyway.

Upwind and Downwind trips

In our kiteschool We also organise – depending on the wind direction – spontaneous down- and upwind tours. The downwind tour goes up North in the direction of Fortaleza to Aguas Belas, which is 6 km away. The Tour ends at a river mouth. We accompany the group with a Jeep on the beach, so that a rescue and safe exit is always possible.

When there is constant onshore Wind we can do an upwind trip. Be sure to have good abilities to go upwind and to have well trained legs: The trip follows a route parallel to the beach, 7 km South until Morro Branco. Before we return back home you can get a drink or a snack in the Barracas there.

No trip to the north of Brazil is complete with out a Down winder!  From Barra Nova we have several great options for down winders the two most popular are:

Aquas Bellas: We head straight out of the lagoon at Barra Nova and head down wind to the next river mouth of Aquas Bellas   This is an easy down winder that any one can do, it will take about an hour, once at the spot we can spend the day seasoning this river mouth and open ocean spot.  There are some local restaurants for lunch time and taking a rest from the sun.

Urauau:  The Second down winder is a little further away, we will drive over to the spot which is a little south.  One at the spot we can session the lagoon and then spend the afternoon riding back taking a few stops along the way.  We will pass some awesome landscapes with some really pretty red coloured cliffs and dunes.

A really fun addition to the Urauau down winder is to turn it into a pub crawl down winder where we stop at a few bars for cold Cervejas : )

Wind statistics

January 80%
February 70%
March 70%
April 60%
May 70%
June 70%
July 80%
August 80%
September 80%
October 90%
November 90%
December 90%
Chill out!

Already tired of kitesurfing?

Relax in one of our chill-out-zones. Or check out the surroundings, there are lots of activities and no wind-actions to do.
Chill out!